Wood Floor Refinishing Tools and Tips

A lot of people get intimidated by the seemingly huge task of wood floor refinishing. More often than not, people get intimidated rightly, because the task can be a bit daunting, especially if the space that needs to be covered is huge. It takes a lot of effort, time, and energy on your part, if you ever decide to do it on your own. However, hard wood floor refinishing is doable, unless you have some physical disability or, due to medical reasons, should not be exposed to so much work. Otherwise, it is definitely something that you can handle, given that you be patient and prepare yourself for some work.

Materials To Prepare

When doing this task on your own, you will need to prepare and procure the tools, unlike if you hire services to get it done. However, it will prove that doing it on your own can save you a lot on wood floor refinishing cost. Plus, at the end of it, you would have already gained the experience and have learned to do it by yourself, so that you can easily do it on your own the next time the task needs to be done again.

The wood floor refinishing products you need are:

  1. Hammer
  2. Plastic sheets
  3. Masking tape
  4. Pry bar
  5. Broom
  6. Floor mop
  7. Drum sander
  8. Sand paper
  9. Vacuum cleaner
  10. Cloth
  11. Stain
  12. Brushes
  13. Water-based polyurethane

Preparing To Do The Job

  • In order to be ready to get the wood floor refinishing job done, make sure that you clear the room of things such as furniture. The floor needs to be bare so that you can do a thorough job of wood floor refinishing.
  • Check for any loose nails on the floors, which are evident because the nail heads are exposed, and hammer them down.
  • Have electrical outlets covered.
  • After that, because wood floor refinishing kicks up a lot of saw dust, use the plastic sheets to seal the entire room so that the dust would not go out later on. This is to avoid a mess outside of the room that you are working on.

Get Started With Refinishing Your Wooden Floor

  • Rent a drum sander, and make sure that before you get out of the store, you know how to operate it and you know what the outcome looks like when you use it. You can ask people from the place you are going to rent it to teach you how to operate it.
  • Sand the entire room floor with 32-grit sand paper. Make sure that when you are sanding, you do it following the grain of the wood, going back and forth from one end of the room to the other.
  • This sanding process will create a lot of dust. Vacuum it all up.
  • Do the sanding process again, this time with a finer sand paper.
  • Stain the floor after sanding the floor down. You may use varnish or plain floor wax. This part is optional though.
  • When the stain has dried, you can now apply up to five coats of water-based polyurethane.

The above process will leave you nothing but a smooth and shiny wooden floor.