Why Go For Popular Floorwax Brands?

Contrary to many opinions, many homes and offices are  still using popular floorwax brands to keep floors clean and with good shine to maintain their  elegance and great looks. Although waxing seems to be of too much work for some, a good wax is the key to easy and less hard work waxing.

Importance Of Waxing Floors

Commercial floor wax are made of substances and ingredients that are specifically for maintaining the good structure of floors.

  • Wood Floor – Wooden floors need good waxing to maintain its good polish finish and its durability and hardness. When mixed with turpentine, floorwax produces good polish to wood floors and furniture. It also makes wood finishing more waterproof.
  • Vinyl Floor – When applied to vinyl flooring, floorwax  gives protection against accidental scratches and serves as protection against wear. Floorwax also prevents floor stain and uneven flooring.
  • Linoleum Floor – Linoleum floors, when waxed on a regular basis, last longer and maintain its glossy finish.

Most popular floorwax brands have hypoallergenic properties that make them safe for children. Most of these  brands are certified to contain only natural ingredients that are not only non-hazardous to humans but also environment-friendly. These popular brands contain the right combination of main wax properties and other waxes, in compliance to regulations and rules.

Waxing basically gives shine to wooden floor. With the advent of other flooring options such as tiles, vinyl and linoleum, manufacturers  of popular floorwax brands have come out with wax products that are specifically for certain floor types. Using the right wax products for your floor  types would not only give you the shine you want, but will also minimize the waxing job. The use of floor bluffing machines will also maintain the glossy finish of your waxed floor, but make sure to use those that are compatible to your floor type and wax.

Popular Floorwax Ingredients

Some of the main wax ingredients used in some popular floorwax brands are as follows:

•           Carnauba wax

•           Beeswax

•           Shellac wax

These main wax ingredients, when mixed with other waxes, produce high-gloss finish, which adds to the great appearance of the entire room. To obtain good finish, remember that clean floors absorb floorwax best and lessen the waxing time. You don’t need to apply thick coats of floorwax and just enough coat will give the shine you want. Finishing off your waxed floor by mopping with water will produce clean and shiny floor.

For your waxed floor maintenance, it is recommended to have a good floor cleaner. It is advisable to purchase your floor cleaner from the same manufacturer of your floorwax in order to be sure that they are compatible. Most manufacturers of floorwax have this special offer for their customers.

A well-waxed floor is still unbeatable in complementing good furnishings. It gives added attractions to any room and never fails to get compliments. It gives good ambiance and homey feelings. Many popular establishments take pride in their good and well-waxed floors and really tell the world how they maintain their flooring’s clean and shiny appearance, and invest in popular floorwax brands.