Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

More and more people are starting to adopt polished concrete floors into their homes, into corporate buildings, and other places because of the beauty that they add into them, sans the hassle of having to keep the floors looking great with things such as floor wax. Now, we know that waxing the floors to keep them shiny is a very tiring task to do, and not many people are still willing to accomplish that chore, especially when the space that needs it is quite huge. Of course, there are these equipment that we use for polishing the floors, but we can all agree that it still can be a wearisome task, especially because you need to do it often to keep the floors shiny.

Things You Will Need

To maintain the lovely appearance of your polished concrete floors, there are only very few things that you are going to need. These materials are very common in households, so you won’t have any problem when maintaining polished concrete floors residential. Also, these materials are already commonly present in the maintenance and janitorial sections of corporate buildings and in business establishments.

  1. Bucket
  2. Scrub brush
  3. Rags
  4. Dust mop
  5. Soap
  6. Mop

Doing The Task

  • The first thing that you have to do to maintain the appearance of your polished concrete floors is to dust and mop them every single day.
  • There is an alternative to the first step. For people who own houses with polished concrete floors, you may use a broom to sweep the dirt off of them. Make this a daily routine, because dirt, when accumulated, may cause your floors to look dull and lose their shine.
  • After that, using the bucket with water and a scrub brush, scrub your floors to remove the remaining dirt that was stuck in the floors.
  • After a thorough brushing of the entire area, wipe the floors dry using rags. You do not need to be picky with the rags. Old clothes and other rags will do just fine, as long as they can absorb water well. You may need to use several of them, especially if the area is quite big.
  • For the meticulous house owners, you may want to refill your bucket with water and then add in mild soap this time and mop the floor using the soapy water to get rid of any hardened dirt and to make sure that the entire area is squeaky clean. However, if you think that the first mopping is enough, you have the option of skipping this step.
  • When all this is done, let your floors dry naturally. Until the floors are completely dry, do not step on them yet. Neither should you put furniture on them.

With cleaning polished concrete floors, the effort that you need to exert is lesser, and the burden of having to polish the floors often to keep them shiny is removed from you. The only thing that you need to do is to maintain its natural look, and it will remain as shiny as can be.